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  • Latest version available

    The time has come! In version 1.4 there is now occasional rain with lots of thunder and lightning! You can also view information about the awards. Go and get the new version!

  • We let it rain!

    This news makes the biker’s heart beat faster: we want to let it rain in URBAN RIDERS sometimes. From time to time it will simply rain and thunder. And where it rains,…

  • Update – new jump tricks and new stuff

    With the latest update of URBAN RIDERS comes not only new crazy jump tricks, but also more new clothes and bike parts for the shop! Check it out and test the new…

  • 1st place

    Amazing! URBAN RIDERS won best app at the TOMMI, the German Children’s Software Award 2022!

  • Halloween

    It’s going to get spooky soon! Halloween is coming soon! Here’s a little preview of a special area you can ride through on Halloween. Stay tuned! Attention: only in the full version!

  • Nomination

    Amazing! URBAN RIDERS has been nominated for TOMMI, the German Children’s Software Award 2022. The award ceremony will be broadcast live on KIKA on 23.10.2022 at 8pm. So keep your fingers crossed.

  • New update – new features

    In the new version, you can finally customise your player. You can change your name and appearance.

  • New Update – offline highscores

    With the new version, your high scores are also saved if you do not have internet access. If you are connected to the internet, your high score will be entered in the…

  • New Update – news feature

    In URBAN RIDERS you will now receive news. This way you will always be up to date.

  • New Update – new city areas

    With the update, old city areas have been revised and new ones have been added. Take a look and discover the new areas in the city.