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Fast, dangerous, environmentally friendly

Survive the madness on the streets of the big city

The streets are completely dense, it stinks, it is loud, everything is stationary, no one is progressing any more! Except for you! As a fast-paced bicycle messenger, you’ll do the most urgent jobs, carry vital organs, need used blood supplies, important, extremely sensitive documents, and ominous suitcases full of cash … and by the way, save the planet! The people and your team count on you!

Make your way to your destination with your bike, overcoming traffic jams, construction sites, obstacles of all kinds, everything a city has just so. You save lives, but risk your own. Every accident is extremely dangerous and means the end of your journey. Can you do the job? Can you deliver the packages?


What awaits you?

An action loaded endless-“rider” game across the chaos of the urban city



Your track is randomly composed of the most diverse elements of the road and adapts dynamically to your progress on the track. Your way leads you through different city areas such as streets, parks, beaches or narrow streets!



The gameplay is very simple. Dodge, skip and sometimes slow down! To collect points properly, make various jump tricks in the air and thereby get new jump tricks in your repertoire.

Your player,

Your style

In the shop you can equip your player with various clothes and different accessories. Your bike also has various parts such as frames, handlebars or saddles available. Here you will find everything for your style.



In the shop you can buy with collected coins the desired clothes or parts for your bike. These you then carry on your tours and allow your individual style.



Compete with other daring drivers and perpetuate yourself and your score in the highscore table. There you are to see with your chosen style.


and Trophies

Look at the values ​​of your player, try to collect trophies and set records. These give neat points for your high score.



There are different city quarters. During a trip you will drive through it at random.



We will add special sections of the route at regular intervals and use them in the game. So every ride remains exciting!



You can buy the Pro version in the game and unlock all features like clothes and city quarters.


Here is a small selection of elements that await you on your way through the city. Some are for collecting, some have to be avoided, some can be jumped over.

Gulli cover

They can be found everywhere on the streets and sidewalks. Take care! The lids are often missing. Dodge or skip the best.

Bank notes

They let your cash register ring properly, but are usually well hidden and not very easy to reach. Just drive over and collect.

Dixi toilet

You know it, they are usually in the way around. You can only jump on them with help. But be careful, occasionally the doors are opened inadvertently.


Coins are enough on the road around. Collect them, so that you can buy stylish things for you and nice equipment for your bike.


Well, stop around everywhere in the way and constantly people get careless and get out. But it can be skipped! Taxi signs are nice trophies and bring neat points.

Oil slick

When oil puddles you have to be especially careful. Once you have passed through one, you can not steer for a short time! And they use the clothes extremely. She still gives a lot of points!

Find your style, there is something for everyone!

In the bike shop you can buy cool clothes for your player and nice parts for your bike. You collect the money for this while driving on the road or earn it with successful deliveries! The shop has everything for your style.

Whether caps, shirt, glasses or cycling shorts. For your look you will find the right pieces. You can even pimp your bike with worn rims, handlebars, frames etc.

But beware: clothing and bike equipment wear while driving and have to be replaced after some time.

Enough amazed! Join the team, get the app!